Custom Sandbox Cover


  • Lightweight porous material for better air circulation, reducing bacterial levels
  • UV stabilizers built into material for longer lasting colors
  • Easy connectors for attachment and removal
  • Available in Yellow

Six Easy Steps to a Custom Sandbox Cover


  • ?Step 1
    • Measure your sandbox using the two outer most points of your sandbox
    • Next draw a rough sketch of your box indicating the above dimensions
  • Step 2
    • Call Benee’s Inc. at (800) 854-1411 with the dimensions to place your order
  • Step 3
    • Benee’s Inc will send you a cover larger than your measurements
  • Step 4
    • Center the cover on your box
    • With a water based marker trace the outer perimeter of your sandbox
  • Step 5
    • Ship cover back to Benee’s Inc
  • Step 6
    • Benee’s Inc. will sew the cover and place the connectors in the cover
    • The completed cover will be sent back to? you
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