Implementing a Strong Preparedness Strategy for COVID-19 Prevention 2

Implementing a Strong Preparedness Strategy for COVID-19 Prevention

Gone are the days when we can do things simply because ?that?s the way they have always been done.? It can be difficult to challenge the status quo. However, COVID-19 requires that we do just that – that we re-examine what has always been done and try for something better. 

We are all elevating and adapting our traditional methods to face new challenges in 2020. As states around the country reopen, leaders and administrators are piecing together the puzzle of what ?business as usual? will look like in this evolving landscape. Fortunately, reopening can happen safely and effectively with a little groundwork. The CDC provides guidelines for this type of preparation here. With the proper planning, reopening can serve as an opportunity for growth, as a time to do something we have never done before.?

Build Communication

One of the most important considerations during this global health crisis is building up lines of communication as a preventative measure. Transparency is key when sharing information with parents, staff, students, community members, and all other stakeholders. Close contact with the local health departments is crucial. With their guidance, businesses and schools can use multiple platforms of communication to ensure focused messages are widespread, consistent, and timely. When stakeholders feel they are a part of the conversation, they will be more invested in the changes that need to be made.

Promote Precaution

The CDC recommends basic guidelines for preventative measures, including asking staff, students, and patrons to stay home if they are sick and planning for excessive absenteeism. Precaution may also require staff members to wear masks, employees to perform extra cleaning, or patrons to follow a social distancing measurement. Business and schools may also consider updating emergency plans.

While these procedures can be challenging to implement and engage, they are vital to stop the spread of COVID-19. Promoting precaution means building a culture of support. Leaders can encourage their staff to remember that these strategies are put into place to protect everyone, and that our first concern must be the safety and health of all. If precaution functions as an aspect of a culture, it falls in line with a mission of doing what is best for every student or every patron. 

Adapt and Grow

Change can be taxing. However, it is also a juncture for development. While these uncertain times may rearrange our traditional methods and challenge ?business as usual,? they may also serve as a way to better our processes, embrace technology, and think outside the box. Now is the time to challenge the status-quo and build something new. We can help with that.

Our goal at Benee’s Inc., is to be a resource to our clients during this time of change. As always, we remain committed to providing you with customized furniture solutions, even as we are constantly adapting to the new requirements of COVID-19 preparedness. If you have an idea, Benee’s is here to help fulfill that idea ? if you dream it, we can build it.

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