How a Modern Classroom Can Help Facilitate Learning

Around 80% of elementary students are engaged with school, but this number drops to 60% in middle school and just 40% in high school.

These levels of drop-off in engagement clearly indicate that older children are more likely to be disinterested in class and need more stimulation. That way, they’ll feel more motivated and invested in the materials taught.

Thankfully, there are many exciting pieces of technology and innovative new products that can help bring enthusiasm back into the classroom.

Here’s how a modern classroom can facilitate learning.

It Increases Engagement

In a traditional classroom, teachers stand up at the front and are solely dedicated to lecturing while students are expected to sit and pay attention for hours.

Even the most dedicated students who are passionate about the subject will have trouble paying attention at some point. This is because they have to completely focus on processing and retaining information from one source.

A modern classroom turns away from the traditional classroom where interaction is one-sided. Instead, students are encouraged to engage with the teacher and one another. This is called collaborative learning.

With collaborative learning, students get to play more active roles in the classroom. Not only that, but they also get to develop their social and leadership skills.

It Uses Familiar Technology

Today’s children are well-versed in technology, such as iPads and computers. Modern learning leverages these pieces of tech to help students with active learning and connectivity with one another. For example, teachers can use interactive whiteboards while giving lessons.

Then, collaborative learning can continue after hours through class websites and forums. No longer will students have to sit alone and fill out worksheets, as they’ll get to interact with their peers through these avenues. It also encourages a sense of community, which can be highly motivating for learning.

It Gamifies Learning

Practically every person likes to play games; around 70% of Americans play video games. When you can turn your curriculum into easily digestible games, this will certainly provide an excellent learning environment in the classroom.

This can be easily done with today’s technology, especially with interactive programs. You can do something as simple as creating a quiz show where students compete with one another. You can further incentivize it with prizes and rewards.

It Promotes a Fluid Environment

Something as simple as having standing desks for students in a classroom can significantly increase engagement. Children and teenagers can have lots of energy to burn. If you give them a learning environment that’s more comfortable for them, it’ll be easier for them to pay better attention to your lessons.

Flexible furniture can also enable your students to quickly break out into small groups. Or they can convene for bigger groups at a second’s notice. An agile setup allows all types of students to learn and study in the best possible ways.

Use a Modern Classroom to Promote Learning

As you can see, a modern classroom provides a much more conducive learning environment. Not only does it incorporate technology, but also simpler tools, such as flexible furniture.

Today’s classroom focuses on accommodating students’ needs and eliminating one-way interactions. And that’s entirely possible now with the wide range of technology and products available.If you would like more resources on how to facilitate a collaborative learning environment, take a look at some of our collaborative learning products or contact us for any additional information.

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